• Online Meeting
  • Sourcing Meeting
  • Factory Tour
  • Booth Visit
  • Talk Face-To-Face With GMC Manufacturers Online!

  • You can

    • Meet pre-matched manufacturers online face-to-face without cost and long distance trip
    • Establish effective communication with your potential suppliers
    • Check online showroom, instant quotation and products catalogue
  • We guarantee

    • Genuine manufacturers certified by TüV
    • Free assurance after you have placed an order with GMC manufacturers
    • Customized online sourcing meeting arranged by professional sourcing consultants

Zero-Distance Contact with Best Matched Manufacturers

  • Zero-distance meeting
  • Flexible meeting location
  • Updated product catalogues and quotations offered
  • Pre-matched manufacturers

Real Person Inspection Of Manufacturers

  • Meet with key person
  • On-site experience of factory
  • Product Showroom Visits
  • Point-to-point local guidance

Provides You A Most Rewarding Tradeshow Experience

  • Exclusive tradeshow assistants
  • Accurate matching-- right booth, right products
  • Free, updated sourcing catalogues offered

With GlobalMarket Trade Show Assistance, you will never feel lost or exhausted during your exhibition trip.

Glance at Sourcing Events
Sourcing Event Buyers
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